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Facebook village forums

If you are active on Facebook there are a number of active Facebook forums run by members of the village:

Please note the views and opinions shared on these platforms are not necessarily shared by the council, and the council does not endorse such views in any way.

Crofton Village Group – a source of community discussion used by over 2500 residents. The most popular forum, this site has necessary rules to ensure there is no hateful language etc. There are dedicated posts for community events; business advertising and buying/selling posts.

Crofton village group – a new discussion forum, this presently has just over 80 members.

The Best crofton village group – this discussion forum has been in operation for just over a year, with around 250 members.

The Crofton forum – similar in nature, this forum allows space for residents to communicate and businesses to advertise.

Crofton Village Youth Forum – a forum with posts and information geared towards younger residents of Crofton including youth club news and other age-appropriate posts

Crofton Moaning Group – a new forum which has been set up, there are less rules as to what can be posted where.

Crofton Sale Group – a dedicated forum for buying and selling items in Crofton.

Stuff for sale streethouse sharlston Crofton Normanton – a dedicated forum for buying and selling items in Crofton and surrounding areas as indicated.

Free Items, For Sale or Wanted In Crofton, Walton, Sharlston, Ryhill, Haver – a dedicated forum for buying and selling items in Crofton and surrounding areas as indicated.

Please note the council does not run or operate any of these pages, and you will need to contact the administrators involved if you have any further queries.

Please also note that while the forum is a great way to discuss community issues, there is no substitute for engaging directly with the council, police or WMDC on important issues. You can find more information on how to engage in our monthly meetings here.

The Parish Council’s forum:

Crofton Village Groups Forum – totally seperate to the above, this is for group creation and advertisement. You can read more here.

Please note the Council’s Facebook profile found here and Twitter profile here are NOT discussion forums. They are used by the council to disseminate important information to the village.



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Christmas lights switch-on 2019

The annual Christmas Lights switch-on at the Millennium Stone, Hare Park View was attended by an estimated 2-300 people on 3rd December 2019. Crofton Silver Band initiated the event, which commenced at 6.30pm, playing a number of carols. Councillor Chalkley then led...

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August 2019 Community Day

On 15 August 2019, a Community Day was held at Crofton churchyard and cemetery. The churchyard is part of the church and contains a number of older graves which surround the building. As you walk past the church towards Churchway, the council's cemetery is on the...

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