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Forum Policy

We hereby provide the terms of usage for Crofton Village Groups Forum.

  •  You must not publicise any activities, events or membership or other details which may disrupt the peace, cause civil unrest, discriminate between persons on any ‘protected characteristic’ (as defined by section 4, Equality Act 2010) or which use/promote any hateful content or actions by or to any person or otherwise endanger or risk harm to any person. The council reserves the right to delete any such post(s) in breach of this condition.
  • You must not infringe any current or future law or regulation in adding content, including intellectual property law such as copyright. Where groups interact with young children you must be mindful of the photos and details you include. You should not include any vile, malicious or derogatory information, comments or photos. The council reserves the right to delete any such post(s) in breach of this condition.
  • All information included in posts and comments by a group publishing a post on the forum must be accurate and not misleading. If information subsequently becomes inaccurate or misleading, the publisher of the post agrees to either amend or remove the post as appropriate.
  • Any comments found to be hateful, discriminatory or derogatory will be deleted.
  • All forum users take sole responsibility for their own safety when communicating online or meeting offline. The council accepts no responsibility for the reasonable precautions every user must make.
  • Where any external links are provided, your group will ensure the safety for website users navigating away from your post on the forum.
  • The council reserves the right from time-to-time to amend these conditions in line with user use and such other reasonable concerns. When we do so we will publicise notice of changes by way of a notice on the home page of this website, on the main feed of the forum. You are required, as a condition of using this forum, to keep up-to-date with the current version and comply with its terms.
  • The council reserves the right to remove access to this forum, and/or delete the page, of any group or user who continually breaches these conditions. In such circumstances, the council retains sole discretion over re-granting access to the forum and/or where a page has been deleted, any subsequent application for a new profile.

1st version: November 2019



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December 2019 monthly meeting

This post is intended to provide a highlight of the monthly meeting which took place in December. For an official record of the meeting, please see our minutes section here: Council Documents > Monthly meeting documents > Monthly meeting minutes where the...

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Christmas lights switch-on 2019

The annual Christmas Lights switch-on at the Millennium Stone, Hare Park View was attended by an estimated 2-300 people on 3rd December 2019. Crofton Silver Band initiated the event, which commenced at 6.30pm, playing a number of carols. Councillor Chalkley then led...

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August 2019 Community Day

On 15 August 2019, a Community Day was held at Crofton churchyard and cemetery. The churchyard is part of the church and contains a number of older graves which surround the building. As you walk past the church towards Churchway, the council's cemetery is on the...

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