Village Groups

Here you can find the details of village groups currently meeting in Crofton. We have categorised these groups to make them easier to identify. We also hope by showing a complete and consolidated list of current village groups that it is possible to spot ‘gaps’ where a village group could be formed to meet a currently unidentified need. You can join the Facebook forum here where you can interact with other village members in this regard.

Where external links are provided the Council does not guarantee the security or otherwise of user access to such websites.


·         Crofton Silver Band

·         Crofton Community Café

·         Mother’s Club



·         Duke of Edinburgh Award

·         Crofton Young Peoples Association

·         Crofton Starlightning Majorettes

·         Crofton Rainbows

·         40th Wakefield Brownies

·         34th Wakefield Guides

·         Crofton Beavers, Cubs & Scouts

             Sports and leisure

·         Crofton Cricket Club

·         Working Men’s Club

·         NMW Football Club


              Shared interests

·         Crofton Art Group

·         Crofton History Group

·         Crofton Readers Group

·         Darby & Joan Club

·         Friends of Haw Park Wood & Winterset


Latest News

Some latest news to appear here

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