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Village Association

The Village Association manages the council’s facilities at The Sidings Complex. This includes the Sidings Pavilion and Cricket/Football playing fields.

The Village Association is a partnership between the council and the sports groups that use the facilities to ensure joint responsibility for maintenance of the facilities and equipment.

In particular, the playing fields must be regularly marked and otherwise maintained for the playing of sports. The council is in contract with WMDC to do this but is in dispute with WMDC about fulfilling their contractual obligations.

Councillors Bennett and Kimbley are responsible, on behalf of the council, for Village Association activities in relation to the complex.

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The annual Christmas Lights switch-on at the Millennium Stone, Hare Park View was attended by an estimated 2-300 people on 3rd December 2019. Crofton Silver Band initiated the event, which commenced at 6.30pm, playing a number of carols. Councillor Chalkley then led...

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August 2019 Community Day

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