Clerk Profile

Barry Riley, Parish Clerk
  1. How long have held the position as clerk? What are the main skills required?


Since September 2005. The main skills required are: accountancy skills, communications skills written and oral, legal knowledge, planning knowledge and experience of dealing with contractors’ service providers.


Parish Clerks should be qualified subject to the size of the Council


  1. What is your favourite part about the role?


Researching land/ownership queries, dealing with matters concerning procedure and governance matters


  1. What are the main responsibilities and elements of the role?


Keeping financial records i.e. monthly accounts, preparing agendas and minutes, keeping burial records


  1. When and over what issues should residents make contact with you?


Residents are able to contact me any time, but these should be matters that cannot be reported directly to WMDC (please see further Meetings and how to raise issues).


  1. How is the best way for residents to raise matters and make contact?


By e-mail


  1. What can residents do if they want to get more involved in the affairs of the council?


Attend meetings (I attended many meetings before becoming a Councillor); become members of working parties


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